Welcome to the website of kennel Bistkupstwo from Czech Republic. We breed borzois - russian hunting sighthounds.

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Sirael Bistkupstwo Borzoi Bistkupstwo | Sirael Bistkupstwo

Photogallery of the best images from life in Bistkupstwo kennel.

IDS Olomouc

Floracanis Olomouc

10.9.2023, we took part in an international show in nearby Olomouc with nice results from our breedings.

We are expecting puppies!

Litter U-Bistkupstwo Borzoi Bistkupstwo | Litter U-Bistkupstwo

At the end of September, we expect the long-awaited litter U, the mother will be our beautiful star Olověnka Bistkupstwo.

Its already 20 years since the first borzoi came to our home. Since that time many russian sighthounds lived with us some for shorter, and some for longer periods of time. We breed Vice-World winner AVAR Bistkupstwo and Veteran World Winner and Winner of World dog show-BOB 2009 APURVA Bistkupstwo. more about us
These days live with us Apurvas granddaughters Ch Lovka and Ch Křídlovka Bistkupstwo and our Ch, WW´21 Olověnka, Ch Ortiga and Quillaia. our dogs
If you are interested in pictures, visit our photogallery. There are a lot of pictures of our actual dogs, other borzois and reports from events
We are proud of our dogs' successes on dogshows, you can see all Bistkupstwo champions in special section.
Recent photos of our borzois
  • 17. 9. 2023
    New champion in USA! Spiraea HowlinWolf Bistkupstwo 5pt Major, Best in Field and new Field champion! Next day she was Best of Breed. FC Spiraea HowlinWolf Bistkupstwo - Pending AKC National Lure Course in December.
  • 10. 9. 2023
    At IDS in Olomouc, we were represented by three borzoi. We received nice results from the very strict judge from Ireland, Ralph Dunne: Onga Ex 3 in champion class, Sirael Ex 1, CAC from the intermediate class and our Toyen Ex1, CAJC, BOJ and CACIB-Junior from junior class.
  • 26. 8. 2023
    World Dog Show in Geneva: with our new hope Toyen Bistkupstwo we made the long journey to Switzerland for the World Dog Show. We brought back a lot of experiences and also a nice award for our black Toyen: Excellent 3 from the very strict judge Mrs. Lisbet Mach from Switzerland.
  • 23. 8. 2023
    We are waiting puppies! At the end of September we will have a new litter "U" Bistkupstwo. More information coming soon...
  • 21. 8. 2023
    New success for Sirael Bistkupstwo: on Friday 18.8.at the Bratislava show she won the last necessary CAC to fulfill the Slovak Junior Ch title, on Sunday 20.8. then at IDS in Ml. Boleslav CAC from intermediate class from judge Opara (PL). Her sister Solověnka in junior class got a nice grade excellent 2.
  • 20. 8. 2023
    CACIB Bratislava, our Toyen Bistkupstwo results: 18.8. Ex2/3, judge Alenka Pokorn (SLO), 19.8. EX2/3 from judge Fintorová (SK) and 20.8. Ex1, CAC, Res CACIB from judge Urschitz Iris (AT)
  • 19. 8. 2023
    During our stay in Bratislava, we met the brother and father of our Toyen Bistkupstwo. Check out photos of Thereus and Blackie in our photo gallery.
  • 30. 7. 2023
    Opole, PL - another success of our Quena Bistkupstwo, at the international show she won the titles Ex1, CAC, CACIB and BOB. Judge Adam Ostrowski, 12 borzoi participated in the show. Congratulations!
  • 2. 7. 2023
    National show Klatovy: At this show, in the circle of class young, two sisters - Sirael and Solověnka - met together. Both were awarded excellent by judge T. Kučera, and as a bonus, Sirael took away the CACJ, BOJ and BIG II-Junior titles and completed the Junior Champion CZ title. Congratulations!
  • 11. 6. 2023
    2x CACIB Umag, Croatia: Our young Sirael Bistkupstwo went to the sea for two shows and came back with results: 2x Ex1, 2x CAC, Res CACIB. Judges Claudio de Giuilany (IT) and Dubravko Markovič (CRO).
  • 10. 6. 2023
    Second Best in field! Spiraea HowlinWolf Bistkupstwo has run at 2 events and she has 2 BIF! She is qualified for AKC National Lure Coursing Championships. Congratulations!
  • 10. 6. 2023
    Our Scilla Bistkupstwo also took part in the prestigious Special sighthound Show in Náměšt nad Oslavou, where she received the grade Excellent 1/3, CAC from the French judge Bertrand Piau. Congratulations to the owners!
  • 4. 6. 2023
    National show in Jelenia Gora (PL): Sirael Bistkupstwo - Junior winner, Best of Juniors, BOS and new Polish junior champion! Congratulations!