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Igruschka in news

  • 29. 04. 2024
    Today our oldest borzoi Igruschka Bistkupstwo left us at the age of 14 years, 6 months and 9 days. We are very grateful to the owners Nóra and Peter for the care and love they gave her throughout her long life.
  • 20. 10. 2023
    Today, the longest-living borzoi from our breeding, the female Igruschka Bistkupstwo "Ljuba", is living to be 14 years old. We wish her good health for years to come and thank the owners for the extra care and love they give her.

Igruschka Bistkupstwo

Igruschka Bistkupstwo
Mother: Eccellenza Bistkupstwo
Father: Sanhawke Velimir

Natal day: 20.10.2009
Breeder: Bistkupstwo
Owner: Csomori Nóra, FIN
A beautiful female that was sold to Hungary and then moved to Finland with her owners. There he enjoys Finnish lakes and living in beautiful untouched nature.
20.10.2023 "Ljuba" celebrated her 14th birthday and thus became the longest living borzoi from our breeding. Congratulations and we wish you a lot of healthy in the coming days.