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Sirael in news

  • 08. 05. 2024
    Club show KCHAPB - the first show of our Dora (Undina), who impressed the judge Jílková very much and got Very Promising 1 and Best Junior. Toyen EX2, Rabear Ex3 and Sirael CAC, with which she finished CH CZ! Congratulations to all!
  • 25. 04. 2024
    Sirael Bistkupstwo represented us very nicely at the World dog show in Zagreb, Croatia, where she received excellent in open class. Congratulations!
  • 06. 04. 2024
    Sirael is new champion! At the show in Swiebodzice, Poland, Siri won her last necessary CWC for the title of Champion of Poland. Congratulations!
  • 31. 03. 2024
    Moravian Championship in Brno: Our girls ran very well and with an improving tendency. Toyen took a beautiful 2nd place with Res CACT, Tangara was 4th, Sirael moved up to 6th and Gina at the back also improved to finish in 9th :) Congratulations to everyone and thank you for a great day.
  • 17. 03. 2024
    On Sunday, we went with Stáňa (Tacca Bistkupstwo) to the show in Brno, where she pleasantly surprised us and received Ex.1 and CAC. Sirael also scored, defeated her 3 rivals and took home her third Czech CAC. Congratulations to the owners.
  • 16. 03. 2024
    On Saturday, we took part in the first Czech coursing with our competitors. Tacca confirmed that she is a force to be reckoned with and took a fine third place. Toyen was 6th, followed by Tangara by 1 point. Gina took 10th place and Sirael took 11th place.
  • 02. 03. 2024
    Coursing championship in Adamov (SK): at this first race of the year, our girls from litter T had their premiere and did more than well! Tacca 1st place, CACT, Master SK and BOS, Tangara 4th place, Res CACIL, Toyen 6th place. Gina placed 10th and Sirael 13th. 15 females at the start. Congratulations!
  • 10. 09. 2023
    At IDS in Olomouc, we were represented by three borzoi. We received nice results from the very strict judge from Ireland, Ralph Dunne: Onga Ex 3 in champion class, Sirael Ex 1, CAC from the intermediate class and our Toyen Ex1, CAJC, BOJ and CACIB-Junior from junior class.
  • 21. 08. 2023
    New success for Sirael Bistkupstwo: on Friday the Bratislava show she won the last necessary CAC to fulfill the Slovak Junior Ch title, on Sunday 20.8. then at IDS in Ml. Boleslav CAC from intermediate class from judge Opara (PL). Her sister Solověnka in junior class got a nice grade excellent 2.
  • 02. 07. 2023
    National show Klatovy: At this show, in the circle of class young, two sisters - Sirael and Solověnka - met together. Both were awarded excellent by judge T. Kučera, and as a bonus, Sirael took away the CACJ, BOJ and BIG II-Junior titles and completed the Junior Champion CZ title. Congratulations!

Sirael Bistkupstwo

Czech CH, Polish CH, C.I.B.-Jun, PL JCH, CZ JCH, SK JCH
Sirael Bistkupstwo
Mother: Olověnka Bistkupstwo
Father: Solovyev Shtorm at Go Go Bolshoi

Natal day: 6.3.2022
Breeder: Bistkupstwo
Owner: CZ